Friday, October 19, 2007

Crisp Morning Air

It was forty degrees out with
a north western breeze.
I started walking with a hat and jacket on.
The sun and my quick pace
warmed me.

I soon removed my hat so I
could feel the breeze.
My jacket I tied around my waist.

We have not had frost.
The roses in my neighbor's yard are blooming.
The trees continue to show their colors.
Today I studied the play of green, blue and rust.
I am wearing rust today.
I fit in.
Like the trees my colors are changing.


Sprite said...


Can you believe this beautiful weather? Ahhhhh, I love autumn so much!

What a beautiful walk today. Nature paints such a gorgeous palate, and you have captured it so well.

I even notice some purple in the shaded orange leaves.

The rose is a delight to the eye. I thought the dog was real at first, it makes me smile because dogs are such steadfast and loyal friends.

Thank you for the lovely walk together my steadfast and loyal friend; and for carrying the lamp forth, for others.

Much love~

Q said...

Dear Sprite,

It is so easy to be outside! The air feels clean. I find if I layer my clothing I am comfortable. I also can sit on the deck with the birds, in the sun, and not be over hot.

One of my neighbors stopped me for a chat. I had not talked with her for years. She is walking now so we see each other. Being outside on the sidewalk or the side street means I am speaking with many of the neighbors. I like that. It is a deeper connection than waving from the car window.

I also noticed all the different colors! Nature does paint a gorgeous palate! I was thinking that while I walked. We are connected in a deep and real way!

I do like the dog and lantern. You also are steadfast and loyal....
We share the lamp so neither one of us gets weary. Thank you for seeing that.

Love and blessings on this sweet October day,