Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not even footprints.

Recent rains have filled the ponds
and the streams.
I went to listen to them this morning.
The forest floor is covered in
toadstools and mushrooms.
I stayed on the paved path.
I did not want to step on any.
I stood and listened.
I love the woods.

I do not even leave my shadow.
I only take away my memories.


Sprite said...


It's lovely to listen to nature, thank you for this very beautiful and respectful walk today. The mushrooms have many faeries and sprites around them, and are so delicate looking.

The reflecting blue skies are very clear after the rain, and sun allows for wonderful shadows.

Memories are what we carry with us, always. Today, I have memories too.

Much Love~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
The sounds today were very calming. At first I could hear the traffic that zooms by the wood's edge but as I stood near the stream and listened I could only hear the water gushing over the rocks.
I was aware of the damage I could do if I walked on the wood's floor. I stayed on the pavement.
Making memories is making a life full of joy.
I felt soft today.