Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rainy Day Walk

It was raining when I awoke.
I stood at the back door wondering
if I would be able to go walking.

The rain let up and stopped.

I grabbed my hat and jacket.

I walked quickly.
Thunder let me know a downpour was coming.
I made it home just in time.
I made a pot of hot tea.
I am glad I ventured forth.


Mary said...

Enough of nice comments :o)

How dare you show water on the sidewalk, lady?

Just joking, you know!

I will walk briskly through a downpour at this point.

Love ya,

Sprite said...



Walking in the rain is a favorite past time for me. I'm glad for the walk today. Thunder can be very soothing if it is far off, nice rolling quiet thunder. Loud thunder is scary, and makes my heart jump. No loud thunder please.

A lovely walk, thank you.

Many Blessings of Love, and Gratitude~


Q said...

Dear Mary,
LOL!! Thank you for the giggles...
Oh yes! You so badly need rain. When it rains here I think of you.
I am looking forward to seeing pictures of rain at your house.
It was chilly and damp yesterday. I did not get too wet.
This morning the sun is out bright.
Almost time to get my shoes, almost time to walk in this beautiful morning.
Love you too,

Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
The thunder yesterday was both!
I too love the rolling, deep thunder that is in the distance. When a loud clap startled me while walking I almost jogged home, very quick walking...
I love walking in the warm rain. During the summer I do walk in the rain. Yesterday's rain was too chilly for me to walk in. After a rain is nice too. The air smells so fresh!
Thank you for blessings.
Thank you for thank yous!
Your kind support means the moon and the stars to me.

smilnsigh said...

So glad you made it, before the downpour.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I did get a wee bit wet. Not soaked, thank goodness. We often have October rains. I was glad I ventured forth when I did. The only opened window all day for walking.