Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I awoke without zeal.
I need enthusiasm.

The Oak leaves are turning.
They are beautiful.

Yet I wanted more from Autumn.

I decided I would walk
until I felt the excitement of the season.
I would walk until I saw beyond the color.

The heat rising in the cool air
from the compost was

The Robin sunning
in the top of a bare tree was exciting.

I walked for two hours.

Mother Nature never fails me.
I have enthusiasm for this day.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like a morning walk to get the juices flowing. I so enjoy seeing the way you describe the lovely bits of your life.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I walk the same three different areas. I have a neighborhood walk, cemetery walk and the woods. I love watching the leaves change but I can only take so many leaf photos! I have looked at the berries and the wildflowers, I have looked at the fungi and the nuts. I wanted to see Autumn in a different way. I walked two of my walks this morning hoping to see differently. I did too!
I was so excited. When I came home I was tired but happy.

Laurie said...

I love this. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Sprite said...


This is a wonderful finish, for the slow start this morning! I love the photos of the leaves. Oh, and the compost heat is fascinating!

I sure am enjoying 'Walking in Beauty.'

Yes, Mother Nature sure is lovely.

Thank you for walking today. Looking for enthusiasm, now that is just wonderful in my book.

Much Love,


Q said...

Dear Laurie,
Thanks! I was looking for something to stir me up and I found it. Nature always does that for me.
Thanks for walking with.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Somedays I am rather ho-hum...
I knew I needed to get outside.
My concern was all I was going to see was the beautiful leaves...now I love the beautiful leaves but I needed something that would put the bounce back into my step.
Something "wowing", to get me all excited. I think when I saw the heat rising out of the compost at Cave Springs I started to feel the excitement. I could take photos of leaves and I would see other marvels. Regardless of how many times I walk the same way there will always be something different to see.
That is exciting. That gives me enthusiasm.
Thank you for walking today.
Finding zest and zeal in the cool Autumn air was excellent.