Monday, January 5, 2009

A January sigh

It was sunny and almost still, making the 33 degrees feel like 50.
I went walking in the little woods near my house.

I could hear the Robins high in the trees.
They were waiting for the sun to warm the ground.

Three Brown Creepers were hunting for bugs.

These are darling little birds!

Someone had made a wreath for the birds.
I heard a sigh deep in the woods.
The ice on the pond was breaking up.


tina said...

What a nice wreath! Was it you who made it?

Mary said...

Love the Brown Creeper! So hard to photograph the way they blend with the tree. Great job!

spookydragonfly said...

It would be hard to spot the Brown Creeper! I really like the Robin photo...he almost looks as if he's so proud of himself...or posing?!

Q said...

Dear Tina,
No, I did not make the wreath but I do like it. I have an idea book on my desk I keep for Christmas ideas. I wrote "make a bird's wreath" for next year.
I have a wreath stand too! A wreath will be a nice addition to the deck for Christmas decorating.
Think I will do some peanutbutter pinecones to go on it. Maybe i can make the wreath out of some woven grasses.
If I gather my dreid seed heads early and save them the birds would have some different seed come December. I see I might make a few of these...year's ago I did wild crafting I think I just might get back into that. I see walking in the woods is going to be all about photos and gathering!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The Brown Creepers ARE very hard to photograph. I have tried many times!
These photographs are okay, not perfect....
Thanks for the compliment...I'll keep trying.

Q said...

Dear Spookydragonfly,
I love your name!
The Robin came to check me out!
I could hear them and finally one came out to say, "Hi."
I saw three Brown Creepers. They do blend in and are rather quick!
Looking forward to visiting your journal.

Anonymous said...

Those little creepers are definitely hard to take pictures of. They seem to be constantly on the move. I think we should offer them a class in meditation.

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
You are so right. When my husband and I were hiking in Nebraska I had an Brown Creeper pretty close. I was zoomed to 500x, hand held and was trying to get at least one good photograph. The little one just would not sit still for even a second! Never did get a decent photograph.
The Brown Creepers today were just as busy but the light was better. Still I am looking forward to the perfect of these days.