Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Feet

Artic air is blowing into my gardens.
Ice blue skies greet the afternoon sun.

I am grateful for the forced tulips.

They bring warmth to this chilly day.

The dish gardens are starting to bloom too.

The hyacinth are scenting the house with spring.

Soon the crocus will bloom.

It is too cold to walk.

I think I need a treadmill.


flutterby said...

Thank you for the indoor flower photos! I got up close to the hyacinth and could almost smell it! You reminded me of the dozens of crocuses huddled up under my lawn, waiting for the first breath of spring to rise and stretch and dance.

I have a treadmill--I think I should use it!

tina said...

Wow! How wonderful to have flowers in the house.

Mary said...

I bet all those flowers smell wonderful! Such beauty in the cold. Too bad I never think to plan that far ahead :-(

dAwN said...

Oh I love those hyacinths...great breath of spring air...
lovely photos as usual.

NW Nature Nut said...

My Amaryllis are going strong and I have hyacinth coming soon. It's so nice to start spring indoors!

Anonymous said...

Your macro photography is wonderful and your choices of flowers are nice. They actually felt really good to look at.

Talking To My Soul said...

Nature right inside your home. How beautiful, Sherry. You really walk in beauty.

I can almost feel the fragrance of the flowers and leaves.



Q said...

Dear Flutterby,
We are walking towards Spring. It will not be too long before once again the bugs will fly. I miss them in the winter.
The indoor gardens help me get through the bitter cold days.
If I had a treadmill I would have walked on it today. My body longs for walking.

Q said...

Dear Tina,
I planted over two hundred bulbs in dish gardens for January and February blooming. I still have 100bulbs to plant too....the flowers help chase the cold.
I almost require them in the winter.
Sherry, who must have flowers

Q said...

Dear Mary,
My house smells like is 3 degrees out. I put ht ebulbs in my refrigerator in September. I planted these bulbs in December...

Q said...

Dear Dawn,
The flowers make a huge difference in how I feel when it is -4 degrees! some people need light boxes in the winter I need flowers.

Q said...

Dear NM,
It is we are in a prelude to Spring...
I hear the flutes.

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
Thank you. I am enjoying playing with the macro lens.

Q said...

Dear Soul,
Thank you.
Once the bulbs are finished blooming I will ripen off the leaves. Come spring I will plant the bulbs in my gardens. They will rebloom next year. I love having the show now when I so need the fresh flowers.
Flowers lift my spirits when it is bitterly cold outside.

TC said...

I could almost detect the aroma of hyacinth coming from my monitor as I gazed at your gorgeous photo!

Q said...

Dear TC,
Thank you.
The smell of Spring in January and it is so cold outside. I really do not even want to go feed the birds, but I will!

Judy said...

I too, could almost smell those hyacinths! Thank you again for a taste of what is to come.
I am not sure what the F temperature is here, but the C is -30. I decided it was simply too cold to walk the dogs even around the block. I would need a very large treadmill, with bushes on it, I think!

Q said...

Dear Judy,
I made a note in my forcing journal...."do more Hyacinth!" I do love the smell. The tulips are nice but no scent...
I noticed the white crocuses are in full bud. They should open this afternoon.
I love the flowers inside in January...I need them.