Thursday, January 8, 2009


Like the seed pods

I am open for adventure.

No need for concern.

I fit right in.

I spoke right up.
I belong.

I went to my first Weavers Guild meeting today.
I met other artists that work with fiber.
It is exciting.
I have the fiber glow all about me.


tina said...

Awesome! What do you do with fibers?

Mary said...

Sounds great! Will look forward to seeing what you create. This post is lovely and the perfect photos to tell the story :-)

nina said...

That sounds like a good New Year's beginning.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures do show that you are happy and are open to the world to experience new things.

Talking To My Soul said...

WOW! Lovely pictures which say a lot about the person behind that camera.

Loved your blog.


Kerri said...

OH I LOVE these shots! We have these seed pods around here, but I'm not quite sure what they are.

Q said...

Dear Tina,
I make hats and bags and all sorts of darling things.
Today I bought some roving, the wool shaved from the animal before it is spun into yarn, from a lady that raises Llamas. I hope to meet Alpaca ranchers too. The roving is used to make felt. It is a fantastic "art". It is also used in spinning. I would love to learn to spin and weave.
The doors are flung open!
Sherry. who is very pleased to have met fiber folks

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Oh my goodness I had a great time.
I try and post my art work every week on my art blog, Artful Living.
Here I keep my walking journal. Thank you for walking with.
Sometimes the birds walk too. The Carolina Wren followed me around the neighborhood.
He is a cute one.
Sherry, who is still in fiber glow 24 hours later

Q said...

Dear Nina,
It is such a joy to find like minded people. I would have never even known of the Weavers and Fiber Guild if a friend of mine had not seen something in the paper. She was so nice to tell me about this group.
It is grand to be around other artists.
Sherry, who still will walk in the woods..moss looks like felt as do the clouds...

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
I like my alone time and my bird and bug time but I need to have people too! My friends work during the day and have their evening chores. They are not bird, bug, photo or fiber folk! They are wonderful friends but I need to talk fiber chat sometimes.
I am excited.

Q said...

Dear Talking To My Soul,
Welcome. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful walk! Life is interesting. Being open to the adventure is one step. Although I do like to know where the snacks will be along the way.
Looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you.

Q said...

Dear Kerri,
These are Yucca seed pods. My neighbor has the plants growing by his driveway. I love the seed pods. I think they are so pretty. I hope to get a photograph after it snows again with the pods filled with snow!
Sherry, who plans to take lots of photographs of the next could be inspiring for a felt project.