Friday, May 18, 2007

I shall not assume

The Chinese Lilac is in bloom and in new leaf.

When I let go of what I expected to be true

I saw the Red Admirals.

As I learn not to have expectations
I experience the fullness of life.

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Sheila said...

Sherry, I know I commented here on an earlier post, but did not realize that this was a new blog. How easily I am confused..!
I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and subscribe to the notion that the more I relax, the more joy flows through my life.
Although he is not for everyone, the writings of Don Miguel Ruiz, teach us to approach life in a different way, and I have found this very helpful. It has taught me a lot about myself.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I do practice the Four Agreements.
Not taking things personally has been a releasing for. The not making assumptions has also opened the door to much joy. I find that relationships are easier too by doing that. Doing the best I can do sometimes is where I fall short. I always think I can make improvements.
The impecability with my word is somewhat easy for me. I do not use many words!
Thank you so much for bringing Don Miguel Ruiz into our discussion.

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

What is it that happens when we drop our expectations? I wonder.

Have we folded? Or are we open?

I suspect Open.

Love and Peace,


Q said...

Dear Kat,
I too think when we drop our expectations we begin to open to the possibilities that are everywhere present. I also do not experience dissapointment. Life has had many dissapointments for me. I think it is because I carried expectation.
Now, I just am aware and have the experience of the moment.
Having said that, I still find expectation is in my way of being.
I have to remind myself everyday to just "be", "as is". Progress not perfection!

Sprite said...


This is a Native American Chant that I have loved for so long.

I want to share it with you today.


The river it is flowing

Flowing and growing

The river it is flowing

Down to the sea

Mother carry me, a child I will always be

Mother carry me, a child I will always be

Much Love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
This is a beautiful chant!
Thank you for singing to me.
I can hear your voice.
"Mother carry me, a child I will always be".
So lovely...
Thank you,