Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Landscape

There is the outer landscape.
There is the inner landscape.

When I am aware I can see the beauty in both.


Gypsy Purple said...


Q said...

Hi Gypsy Purple,
I love the Gypsies. I always have.
Thank you.
I was so thrilled to get the photo of the Hover Fly with its wings shimmering in the sunlight. They are so tiny. I was thinking about my outer and inner world and these two photos seemed to show exactly what I was thinking about; the blooming chamomile and the hover fly.

Sprite said...

... to find beauty in the smallest thing.

now that is an awesome talent!

the iridescence is otherworldly, transporting one to light filled places.

how beautiful is that!



Q said...

Dear Kat,
I am so pleased you came by!
I wanted you to see the beauty of the Hover Fly.
I like the tiny and the huge.
I think I just like every thing.