Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The humidity was already 48%
when I put my socks and shoes on.

I walked in my neighborhood.

The walnuts are ripening.

Today the Buckeyes were basking
in the cul-de-sacs.

I see feathers every morning.
I only walked half an hour.

I can walk again after sunset.
My word today is sensible.


ornery's wife said...

I don't know how hot it is there, but here in Tulsa, where those poor golfers are out playing the PGA tour, it is 98 with a heat index of about 103. There is a breeze, but it is just SO hot! We have been pretty spoiled this spring with nice weather and lots of rain, but I do wish it would spread out a bit so we could have some now!

Q said...

Dear Tracy,
At 7am it was 80 degrees, at 4pm 97! No relief in sight either.
You also are in the middle of the heat wave! We have the hot breeze too. I guess moving air is better than non-moving. At some point hot is hot and getting cool is all I care about....
Well, I still pop out and refill the birdbaths and check on the butterflies. They do not seem to mind the heat.
We also were in good rain shape up until a few weeks ago.
Stay cool,drink lots of water,

Sprite said...


What a beautiful blue sky! ahhhhh.
It is a cooling color in all this heat.

Hope you are staying cool.



Q said...

Good Morning Sprite,
We have clouds this morning and I hear thunder!
I hope it rains! If it rains I will be out in it! I need a rain wash.

Sprite said...

Dear Sherry,

It's Wednesday after 11pm, and we are hearing thunder. I've been hoping so much that we will both receive rain still tonight.

Doing a rain jig as we speak....




Q said...

Dear Sprite,
You did it! You danced the rains in! Please teach me your jig. My way was the hands on the hips!
I shall be loving and kind next time. I shall dance and entice the storms...
Perhaps the rain gods would like a little shimmy, shimmy, co-co puff?
Please teach me the rain dances.