Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hazy Morning

Another ozone alert day.
Another day without rain.
I walked early.

The grass was heavy with dew.
The sun burned through the haze.
The birds were quiet.

The Poplar trees are starting to turn.
Every now and again a leaf falls to the ground.
It seems early.

As I walked this morning I gave thanks for you.
You, who walk with me each day.
You, whom I call my friends.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful post today. My first visit.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Q said...

Dear Abraham Lincoln,
Thank you! I walk each morning with my camera. I see from your journal you also are a photographer. It is a delight to teach the camera to see as we see.
Your photo of the jets flying overhead is astounding.
Hope you will walk again with me.
Each day there is something amazing to see.

ornery's wife said...

Hi, Sherry. It is Ozone Alert in Tulsa today, too, and very hazy. My one venture outside left me headachy, so I stayed in the rest of the day. I am enjoying your walks, but missed a few days. Thank you for sharing them!

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

This is a wonderful post! A lovely tribute to friends and companions.

It seems that even Nature knows that fall is coming, doesn't She?

The monument is beautiful. Joy comes in the morning. I love that. I shall begin to think that upon my awakening each morning now.

Bless the little Monarch's torn wing. I know it's coming close to time for the migration soon. Isn't it mid-August here in the Midwest?

Oh, I am hoping you will catch some of the Persieds this year, with all your new equipment. That would be so awesome.

I love walking each day with my friend!

Much love,


Laurie said...

Now that I'm over the flu, I can start walking again! I have missed it, but going with you each day has helped very much. Thank you.


Dorothy said...

I love reading your blog each day Sherry. It refreshes my spirit so.
Hugs from Dorothy

Q said...

Hi Tracy,
When we have the ozone alert days I find I am inside longing to be outside! Mary, from North Carolina, reminds me to pay attention to the alerts. I do get distracted rather easily by the birds and butterflies. Hope you have some rain to clean your air soon.
One nice thing about our walks here is we can come and take a walk when ever it is convient!
I try to walk at least five mornings a week.
Growing older with friends is the best!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I too loved the "Joy comes in the morning". I think it is a nice way to start the day. It would be fun to do a Joy Journal! Each day writing down the joy filled moments.. I like lists and jottings.
I do not know when the actual start date is for the Monarch's migration. I will check on that. I thought September but it could be August.
I have been thinking about frienship lately. I have noticed I miss one of my friends very much.
She is very busy now. I feel sad that she is so busy.
Part of my thinking about friendship is the aspect of confidant. How a friend can become a trusted ear and trusted voice. I also have been thinking about mutuality in a friendship. I do lots of thinking while I walk. You are a trusted confidant, my dear friend!
Wow, it would be so cool if I could take a photo of the Persieds Meteorite Shower! I will see if my husband would help me. He knows how to do all the different types of shots I always want to take.
Great idea. Thank you.

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
So glad the bug left! Being able to get out and walk is really something I took for granted until I had a knee and foot injury a couple of years ago. I could not not walk far without pain.
I have healed and now appreciate every step I take.
Sometimes when I cannot actually "walk" I can at least walk in my mind and have the mental and spiritual benefits.
Thanks for walking with me.
Getting to know you is a joy.
You are on my list of joyfilled moments.

Q said...

Dear Dorothy,
I am so happy to hear Walking In Beauty refreshes you!
I never know when I post how others will respond. On Corner I post lots of birds and butterflies. They are beautiful and I think everyone likes the photos. Over here I do more thinking out loud. I look forward to comments.
Thank you for joining me each day. Wow, my joy filled moments list is growing. I just jotted, "Dorothy"
for when I read your comment I felt joyful.