Sunday, August 5, 2007

A walk in the woods

My husband and I
walked in the woods this morning.
It was nice to see the Red-Spotted Purple.

In a clearing we saw a Spicebush Swallowtail.
There are many different types of Bluets, a Damselfly.
Walking together, hunting butterflies and dragonflies, is perfect companionship.
We walked for two hours.
I was hot and thirsty when we returned to our car.
We saw an Indigo Bunting too.


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

What a lovely walk with your husband. Two hours!!! Very nice.

The Bluet is such a WONDERFUL Damslefly. I have never seen one. And look! She's looking right at you, and posing!

The photos are delightful, thank you for sharing your walk today.

Remember to keep hydrating, I know you do...



Laurie said...

How wonderful. I am envious. I have no one to walk with me. Maybe someday, but not now. I'll have to be content to join you on your walks for now.


Anonymous said...

Such a nice walk and you saw so many beautiful things.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
My husband and I both love the birds and the bugs and the blooms!
He is wonderful to go walking with.
There are many different types of Bluets. My Dragonfly field guide did not have this one. On the trail there were hundreds of these too. The one looking at me was funny!
Walking and taking pictures is my idea of fun! You are very right about staying hydrated. I do drink lots of water and take water with me when I go walking. I sent my hiking water bottle up to my daughter's house so I would have it on vacation. I did bring some water with in the car!
So glad you enjoyed this walk. I was aware the entire time my husband and I walked that we are friends. It is nice to be friends with your mate.

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
I so understand the walking alone!
I do not do very well with it. In the mornings I walk with my camera and do not feel alone. I walk with you here.
We can walk together in a different way too. Maybe you can take your camera and show your walk and I can follow along...
Even if you are walking on a treadmill or on a jogging path there are things you see. I want to see them too! The cracks in your sidewalks and the gravel on your street is different than mine.
Every month I choose a word to think about. For August I have choosen "friendship".
I am learning how to be a friend to myself!
Thank you for walking with me. Thank you for letting me walk with you.

Q said...

Dear Becky,
There always is something to see!
I just have to stay aware so I "see"! My husband is very aware so he will see when I don't and I will see when he doesn't. Four eyes are better than two!
Only one camera! I think we need another. He is still thinking about it!

Catherine said...

All of your shots are awe inspiring!! Especially loved the blue damsel shot...fantastic!!

Q said...

Dear Catherine,
Thank you. It is fun! I enjoy every aspect of photography. Nature is beautiful in every season.