Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I slept last night,
all night with out awakening.
I felt rejuvenated when I awoke.
I showered and dressed before I fed the birds.
I walked with wet hair and a quick pace.
I walked for an hour.

All along my route I saw Tawny Emperors.
They were sunning in the grasses, on the rocks and in the gravel.
They too awoke.


Deb said...

Beautiful photos - rest & rejuvination.

Sprite said...

Oh my Goodness!

The Water Lily is so very beautiful!

I am so happy you slept well, my friend. This is wonderful news.

I have heard that walking is a wonderful exercise, and helps to clear one's mind. I've also heard that it helps one to sleep well at night. It looks like so many blessings have come from your 'Walking in Beauty."

Clear Mind, Rejuvenation, Joy, Happiness, Oneness~ These are only some of the graces that you share each day. There are many!

You have gifted so many others with these gifts as well. Thank you!

I am so blessed by your Spirit.



smilnsigh said...

i'm so glad you slept so well. I take it that this is not always the case. Or it wouldn't have been such a wonderful thing to write.


Chitweed said...

The Tawny Emperor is beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see them all along your walk.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I have been enjoying my morning walks so very much. I feel young and full of energy, like never before.
I still do my morning garden tour.
I still choose my daily word.
I still bow and greet the day.
When I walk I feel alive.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I thought the Water Lilies at Cave Springs would open this morning! I walked up and watched as they did.
It was a most magical experience.
My Lilies are not in full sun so I do not know if they will bloom this year. We need to trim the back Dogwood as it is shading the back pond too much!
The waking up off and on all night has been a bother! Being "hot" all the time is also a bother. My husband is cold in our house and I am sweating! Hopefully the walking will help the body regain balance.
It is my honor to share my walk with you. When I step out with my camera I ask the Powers that Be to show me what to photograph. Never am I dissapointed.
Nature is beautiful and always changing.
Thank you for your daily walk with me.

Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
Oh the sleeplessness!!
It is terrible. I had no idea that when the hormones left so did a full nights rest!
My friend told me it takes a year before the body balances out.
I was grateful to sleep all night without waking up. This morning I did feel refreshed.
I hope I have more full nights rest.

Q said...

Hi Chitweed,
What a cute name you have! I shall pop over and visit your journal.
The Tawny Emperors were out all over this morning. I walked for an hour and saw easily over a hundred of them! It was a Tawny morning for sure.

Laurie said...

I loved our walk. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ah, very sweet.
Today I found a bluejay feather in my garden.

Q said...

Dear Becky,
Blue Jay feather! A gift for sure.
I save the feathers that I find too. I think each one is sacred.