Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buggy Morning

As I walked this morning
I was aware of all the bugs.

I watched the butterflies.
Seeing the Damsel resting was a treat.
I heard the locust singing.

The bees pay no attention to me.


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

I love seeing the locust from this perspective (alive I mean), and it's green color is so nice. Ever notice how wings on bugs often look like leaves? Fascinating!

Looks like Damsel turned and looked at you just for photo. Maybe it is just the way I am looking at it.

Two bees on the beautiful flower is very cool too.

This is a very nice walk today, thank you!

I am delighted by bugs and
bug eyes.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I too am delighted by bugs of all sorts. The Damsel was sleeping I think. Her wings up around her head was so different. I had never seen that.
Locust are cool bugs. The birds like them too.
These bees are carpenter bees. Seeing them in the Magnolia was another different for me.
I understand how people can study bugs all their lives.