Monday, August 6, 2007


I walked before the heat of the morning.
I walked while the dew still clung to the grass.

On the parkway wildflowers are in bloom.

The Cabbage Whites were flying.

A Tawny Emperor walked with me.

It is hot.
I drank lots of water.

I am thinking about friendship.
I started a journal.


Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

The first wild flower is beautiful with its purple veins. Oh, and you know I love that Cabbage White on the little violet flowers.

Friendships are interesting to think about. For me, with a recent friendship waning, I am feeling a bit sad. It didn't happen overnight, though it seemed to. There are subtle clues that we receive, especially if we are very close to nature. We can almost know the nature of endings.

I know there is a season for everything. I am a very loyal and a long-term friend, but also I do know when to let go. It is still a difficult process. I still weep for the loss.

It is good to allow.

So glad I have you my dearest.

Much Love,


Laurie said...

Your photos are lovely. As are your thoughts. Your short narratives are most thought provoking.

It's been hot here as well and I've also been thinking about friendships. Sometimes I don't think I'm a very good friend...I need to work on that.

Hugs and thanks,

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
Thank you. I think the photos do most of the talking!
I am learning how to be my own best friend! My journal is about the friendships I have had in my life. I am investigating why some friends sort of go away and others stay the course.
Today I am writing. I am learning.
I am interested.
Friends come in all sorts of different ways. They are not always practical!
I so enjoy chatting with you and getting to know you.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Friendships are interesting! Each friend is different and so often at a different time in our lives.
I also am feeling the loss of a special friendship "waning". I love that you said that. The use of the moon terms is comforting.
I do agree that we know intuitively that change is happening. Not taking the change personally is what I often stuggle with. I will ask myself if I did something that upset my friend. Sometimes I think people simply change. Lives become "busy" and the value of a friendship is not there. That is the hard, sad reality. My daughter and I talk about friendship often. She told me people that are your friends are interested in your life. I think that is true. Friends can be very different from each other and the difference can be very interesting.
I too am a loyal friend. Never one to close the door. So as our other friends are "busy" let's keep the door open for when they return! In the meantime we will dance with the butterflies and rejoice we found each other. It is good to allow.
I am happy you are here.
I am honored to call you friend.

Mama & Papa Davis said...

Hi, thanks 4 reading my ramblings. I totally confuse all Dr's.
I lv 2 hear from others, next time u check in please sign my guest book. I see u r from Ks City Mo. We live in AZ but will be visiting Ks City MO 1st week in Oct. Staying at Westin Crown Hotel. Please let me know what is in the area to see and do, walking so hope the area is safe? Thanks 4 helping.
I really love ur pics what kind of camera u using? Jacque

Q said...

Dear Jacque,
Coming to K.C. will be fun for you. Crown Center is lovely and walking will be safe and enjoyable. It is in the city so not too many birds and butterflies!
There are attractions you can enjoy.
October is lovely in K.C. so the weather should be cool and comfortable.
I use a Nikon D50 camera. I rather took to it!
I will sign in next time and we can get to know each other. Being in our well bodies makes life easier. Getting well takes some time but it sounds as if you are on the right road!