Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eastern Kingbirds

A pair of Eastern Kingbirds chatted
as I walked past them this morning.
Their "dzee-dzee-dzee" was to each other.

I think they have a nest in the bushes.

There is a Honey Locust tree near the pond at Cave Springs.

I look forward to my morning walk.
I think it might be a habit now.
My body is enjoying it too.
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Sprite said...


Oh Sherry, you evoke the sounds of life, with your bird chatting words.

The Honey Locust is lovely.

It really does seem that your morning walk is a wonderful habit that you have acquired. I am so delighted for you.

Walking in Beauty daily, is a wonderful walking meditation...

For that I am grateful.

Blessings and Much Love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,

I look forward to my morning walk each day. There is an excitment about the opportunity of each morning. My day is full of ease after I come home. I have energy and the desire to care for my body.
The dovetailing of mind, body and spirit in the activity of walking is a delight. The voices are blending together now. I hope one day to only have one voice, my own.
Thank you for walking with me.

I know you are near.