Thursday, July 19, 2007

For the plants

This morning as I walked I thought about plants.
I dedicated myself to my plant based diet.

The only animal product I am eating now are chicken's eggs.
I found a feather for my basket.
There were clouds today to study.
My cloud chart did not show these.
I need a cloud field guide.


Sprite said...


Such devotion to a beautiful life does not go unnoticed my friend.

The sign, the feather, the precious blue sky~ life is so beautiful, it is just so beautiful.

You are beautiful. You just are...

I'm devoted to 'Walking in Beauty' with you.

Faery Kisses, Feathered Hugs, and Calm Blue Skys can fill a heart with such joy, it cannot be described. It brings tears to my eyes.

Your devoted and loving friend,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Your words brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you.
I do treasure Mother Earth.
Too joyful to write.
Just, "thank you for seeing me."