Friday, July 27, 2007

For my friend

There is another cemetery near my house.
I seldom go there.

My friend has a relative buried in this cemetery.
She asked if I would find the grave.
I am good at this.

Most large cemeteries have section markers.
The office has maps and will give directions.

I have a notebook I keep of my relatives and where they are buried.
I have directions to the cemetery and to the grave sites.
I have printed photos of each grave.

My uncle is buried in this cemetery.
He was a husband and father and a submariner.
This fact written on his marker made me smile.
Perhaps when I am laid to rest my children will have "birder" on my marker.
I am a wife and a mother. I also am Mother Nature's child.
I love all the flora and fauna, the stars and the moon.
Maybe with signs and symbols they can tell my story.
I have thought about my legacy.
How will I be remembered?


Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

Thank you so much for your loving kindness. I am forever grateful.

I have no words, except~

all my love,


Chris said...

My great grandfathers were mariners too :-) They were oyster fishermen. Now the oysters have gone. I feel you will be remembered as a child of the universe, there's a song there I think :-) We should all think about the mark we leave on this earth. Yours will be a delicate butterfly mark :-)

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
You are welcome!
It was fun. Big cemetery. Very lovely too.
I enjoyed my walk.
I just might walk in all the cemeteries in my city. That would be very interesting. Some are very old.
Thank you for walking here with me every day. I look forward to your comments.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
You must be called to the sea with ancesters that were mariners. I come from shop keepers and farmers.
It is nice to know where we came from.
Thank you for "Butterfly Mark" I will use this. I will try to leave Butterfly foot prints, those would be cute. I began drawing as soon as I read "butterfly mark". Wow great idea.
Thank you for your kind support as I walk my way to slim and trim. It is working out nicely. My morning walk with the camera and my evening walk with my husband have helped me use up ten pounds in less than three weeks.
I would like to use another 20 or even 30....
Losing one's hormones is not fun...

Cadence said...

What a great place to RIP.
The ones in New York are all pack up with tomb stone , unlike the picture you had shown,so reliously peaceful.

Q said...

Dear Cadence,
It is a pretty cemetery.
The markers are all flat and in easy to find rows.
I like the old cemeteries with the tombstones too. I like to read them.
I think some of them are very cool.