Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rice-Trimonte Home

My walk this morning
took me out of my city limits.
I walked pass the Rice-Trimonte Home.

It is one of the National Historic Homes.

I live in an area known as Three Trails.
At this location
the Santa Fe and the California Trail
The Oregon Trail overlapped just south of my house.

Aunt Sophie's cabin is near the main house.
The homes and grounds have been restored.
A piece of History remains in this urbam landscape.


Sprite said...


What a wonderful trip for us to venture forth with you on this journey of the trails...

This is a wonderful post, I so enjoy the historic aspect of it.

Thank you Dear Heart.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I like having a bit of history near.
It seems so many old homes are forgotten and the stories gone.
I guess I am one of those who treasures the past.
I would like to see people learn from the past and never forget.