Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today I am reflecting on July.
Thinking back one year,
five, ten, twenty-five,
thirty-five years ago.

I was a young woman planning her wedding.
I had dreams and wishes.
I was excited.
Some of those dreams and wishes have come true.
For that I am grateful.
Others I am still working on.

There are things I would have done differently.
Not regrets, just lessons learned.
I am grateful for that.
These past thirty-five years have not been in vain.

I do not think I could ever fit again into my wedding dress.
I do not think I would want to.
I like remembering what I looked like as a young 19 year old.
I like seeing what I look like as 54 year old.
I like the dream and the wish for what 55 looks like.

I like my morning walk.


Laurie said...

I like a lot of things too. And I wouldn't change my past, though not all of it was good. I learned from it and that, I think, is the reason we are all on this journey.


Rhea said...

Nice. I guess the nice thing about getting older (I'm 49) is the perspective you can get on your life.

Q said...

Good Morning Laurie,
I agree. Learning to be kind and gracious, regardless of the situation, is part of this life's journey.
As I grow older and am taking care of my body I realize how incredible the body is!
I am celebrating I even have a body! I have neglected it for too long.
Time for lotion and walking shoes.
Thanks for walking with me.

Q said...

Good Morning Rhea,
Yes, if we take the thinking time, every now and again, to reflect on our yesterdays, I believe we can have perspective. I also think we have the opportunity to choose what is important. I am in the process of letting go of items. I am over itemed!
It is a nice time in my life to do this as I also am letting go and using up extra pounds I have gained!
Slim and trim!