Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Walk About

Today I decided to walk in my neighborhood.
To check on the plants and trees down my street.
It is cloudy and humid.

My neighbor's perennial Hibiscus is in full bloom.
Mine is in bud not bloom yet.
Maybe next week mine will open.
The Southern Magnolia, in my neighbor's yard,
still has buds and a few blooms.
The seed pods are always so beautiful too.

I expanded my walk to the nature area up the street, Cave Springs.
The wild Chicory is growing next to the sidewalk.
Mine did not come back this year.
Garden soils maybe too rich for it.

The Eastern Tailed-blues were in the Red Yarrow.
I used to grow Red Yarrow years ago.
It is pretty.

I am walking, morning and evening.
If I need to I will add afternoon.
I am walking.


Sprite said...



I so enjoy the Walk about. It is a walking meditation, begun with the most perfect photograph.

I love that you are walking, I know it must make you feel so wonderful. I will walk with you daily in spirit.

The Hibiscus is beautiful. We have some in our neighborhood. The blooms are astoundingly large, almost the size of a dinner plate.

I love seed pods, as a little girl I used to imagine little faeries sleeping in some empty pods and acorns I found. Oh oh oh, and whirly birds...

Ah memories.

Thank you for your Walking beauty, and Walking meditation. It delights the Spirit and calms the Soul.

You offer so much to so many, what can I offer you?

Love you,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you for walking with me each day.
Your hand is all I need.
Sharing my wonder and my walk; being my friend is a gift I treasure.
Thank you.