Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cemetery Walk

I walked this morning in the cemetery.
It is across the street from my house.
Our children knew it as our park.

Cemetery Mockingbird kept me company.

I walked for an hour.
I looked about, took a few photos and enjoyed the clouds.
There are places I could stop and rest if I wanted to.
I did not need to today.

I stepped on the scale this morning.
Progress, that is encouraging.
I am weighing myself every morning.


Clare said...

Whata truly beautiful place, love the photo of the mockingbird in the tree, quite wonderful!

Q said...

Dear Claire,
Thank you.
I had no idea I had gained so much weight until I step on the scales!
I wear little 100% cotton drawstring clam diggers and I just thought they had shrunk.
My morning and evening walks are paying off. Not only do I enjoy taking the camera for a walk but I am trimming down rather quickly.
Walking is so good for all of my body, inside and out!
Sherry, who walks and talks with the birds

Anonymous said...

Mockingbirds . . . to me . . . are so sweet. I love to hear them sing in the middle of the night.
I do not have them near my home though.

Q said...

Dear Becky,
I also enjoy them singing in th emiddle of the night. They do that sometimes in the summer.
We have a pair that lives in the backyard. The Mocking across the street will come over sometimes for a drink. I like this Mocking bird. He follows me around as O walk.
They sre so very sociable.
I am walking twice a day now.
I am claiming my body...