Sunday, December 9, 2007

Drive about

About a mile from my house is a large city park.
It has two golf courses and a zoo in it.
It also has lots of woods and a nature center.

Driving through the park is exciting any time of year.
I have seen wild turkeys and deer right near the road.
It was beautiful today with the ice and snow.
Every year the Parks Department has a poinsettia display in their green houses.
We have never stopped.

On our drive about today we did!
Fantastic display.
Thousands of plants with Christmas Trees
all decorated in different colors and themes.
Just beautiful!


Chris said...

Are these different varieties of poinsettia or have they been treated in some way to make them different colours? We only seem to see the red. I do like a bright red poinsettia at Christmas time though and have already bought two :-) It is a challenge to get them through the first winter. I have now taken last year's to my office where the temp is constant due to the PCs :-) And because there are no lights at night it is turning red again :-)

smilnsigh said...

How lovely that the Parks Department has this poinsettia display, for all to enjoy. I'm glad you stopped.

I understand, though. So often we don't 'do' so many of the local things.


Q said...

Dear Chris,
I think these are all different varieties. Each different one was named. There were hundreds of them too. I have a white poinsettia this year. I used to keep them but anymore I just let them go in January.
How wonderful you are getting one to re-clour. They do require that long period of darkness and the no light at night.
Poinsettias do say, "Christmas".

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I never thought I would enjoy this display. I am not a huge poinsettia fan. I usually have one on the hearth but I can do without them too. I was amazed at how lovely this was.
I am sure there are lots of activities around my city I have never done. There are hiking trails I have never been on and wild life places I seldom go to.
Keeps life interesting, in your own backyard, when you can discover new and fun places to go!

Sprite said...


Beautiful Photos Sherry! Sounds like you had a very nice day out.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
we did have a nice time! The ice was very thin so I was able to pop out of the truck and get a few photos. The Red Shoulder Hawk was lifer for me! I was so close too.
Being close to the hawks is very exciting.
I maybe walking in my backyard for a few days. The ice is rather scary.