Friday, December 14, 2007

To the woods

By mid-morning the sun was shining brightly.
I wanted to check on Little Pond.
I wanted to see the woods.

The Crows flew over and I began to walk.
The two blocks to the woods took me thirty minutes.
I penguin walked and stopped often to take pictures.

When I arrived the gate was closed.
I could have wiggled around it.
I was tired.
I still had the walk back.

My eyes needed to close and rest.
My legs ached and my back was tired.
Two cameras and extra lens and filters
made for a heavy pack.
This is my way of doing weight bearing exercise.

I had taken hundreds of photos.
Maybe tomorrow my husband will go with
and I can check on Little Pond.
Snow is in the forecast.
I hope the Mallards are okay.
I hope they are finding food.


smilnsigh said...

I hope your husband can walk with you tomorrow. You are going to worry me so much ~ with your walking about with all this ice. I know. I know. I'm your *Old Aunt Tilly*! :-)

What an especially lovely photo is that last one. Perhaps, a frozen drip...

Snow due here too. A possible Nor'easter they have said. I haven't looked at weather reports today. What use? What will come, will come. :-) Mother Nature doesn't really care if we listen to the weather man or not. ,-)


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
My husband said we could walk up to Little Pond later this afternoon!. About an inch of snow fell overnight. The bigger snowfalls went right around us! Thank goodness.
I do like the frozen drip photo. You could see right when it froze too. LOL
I have heard of the Nor'easter! Brr..lots of snow. Those just a little south of me had Thunder Snow. I think it too drops lots of snow in a short period of time.
Mother Nature does whatever she does. Sometimes very lovely and sometimes very scary. I was in a blizzard last December in Nebraska that scared me. I do not scare easily by nature. This blizzard was a white out and we were driving across Nebraska at night. Cars and trucks were spinning off the road and flipping over! My husband knew we had to get through it. We did but I never want to do that again!
Stay warm and safe!

Chris said...

I hope you both had a good walk and the birds were fine! It is treacherous walking on ice and very tiring. Today it is bitter cold here but dry. We hope to walk tomorrow :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
My husband and I decided to wait and walk on Sunday. It was snowing too much today! Tomorrow is to be sunny so maybe we can get some photos.
I enjoy walking but do not like to be cold!
Hope you enjoy your winter walk. Having a break from all the wetness must be grand.
Stay warm,

Laurie said...

Wow, great winter photos!

Q said...

Dear Laurie,
Thank you! I did take way too many photos! The sun made the trees so beautiful!