Tuesday, December 4, 2007

To Little Pond

It warmed by mid-morning to 50 degrees.
I went to visit the little pond in the woods.
Many Juncos this year.
More than I can remember ever being here.
The Mallard Ducks were swimming
on the pond when I arrived.
Some flew, some swam into a sheltered area.
They are not accustom to me yet.
I gazed at the reflections in Little Pond.
I am adding blue to my Christmas decorations
and am letting nature inspire me.

On my walk home I saw beautiful berries tucked in the woods.
I wonder if it is wild bittersweet.


Sprite said...


Oh My! This walk, these photographs are stunning. The Blue reminds me of something deep inside of my soul.

I so treasure our walks together, my friend. I'm so grateful for you.

Love you,

Cathy said...

Oh that tree branches and water shot is perfect. If it mine, I be playing around with it in photoshop.


Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
Yesterday was so warm and balmy, today bitterly cold...Weather in Missouri changes so quickly in the winter.
The sky was a deep blue and I loved seeing Little Pond so clean and blue! Blue is my color now. I started working with blue last year. I will continue working with it.
Thank you for walking with me each day.
Today I go for a manicure and pedicure. My "walking in beauty" will be a "sitting and soaking in beauty". I will read Pillow Book while I soak and maybe write some.
Stay warm, honey.
I am so grateful for you too...
Ahhh...nice to be together.
Thank you,

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
My husband gave me the software, Photoshop, but I have never learned how to use it! I just might do so one of these days. As it is I just take the picture I see and that's what I post! Some of these pictures could be tweaked a bit.
I too liked the reflections. It is what I do at Little Pond. I do lots of reflecting and thinking.
Thank you Cathy for walking with me. Thank you for being my friend.
Stay warm.

Catherine said...

Awww..gorgeous photo's!! LOVE the blue! I use a lot of blue in my decorations now that my son is grown, blue's and white's and silver!! Great reflections!

Q said...

Dear Cat,
Slowly I am finding the right blue motif for my December decorating. It has to mix in just right with everything else! Snowflakes work as do butterflies!
I also do lots of silver and white and mirrors! I love crystal so I have most of it out and about too. When the sun shines into the living room and dining room rainbows glitter all over the walls and tables.
December magic!
Thank you for coming to Little Pond with me today. She is looking prettier and prettier each time I visit.