Thursday, October 2, 2008

Around the block

I took my walk around the block today.
The colors of October surprised me.
I shall be thinking of ways to add pink.

The seed pod of the Southern Magnolia are gorgeous.
I gathered a few for my potpourri bowl.

I put the macro lens on the camera.
I was looking for up close and personal.
The wasp protected the nest.

The Orange Sulphur Butterfly paid no attention to me.
She was busy shooing bees from the wild asters.

I sat on the curb and watched the Damselfly.


Darla said...

Great photos. I am trying to add some pink flowers to my fall colors too.

Q said...

Dear Darla,
Interesting how pink "goes" with the oranges and yellows of October. I brought home some of the seed pods and they are drying beautifully. I think I will pop over to my neighbor's tree and get a few more.
Thanks for walking with me.

tina said...

Those magnolia seedpods are really great. I bet they look good in your potpourri bowl too.

Q said...

Dear Tina,
The pink of the pods are so pretty. They hold scented oil nicely too. I love gathering my own potpourri!