Friday, October 17, 2008

Snoppy II

I went shopping this morning while it was raining.
I went to the second hand store and an antique shop.
I met a lovely shop keeper.
I found lots of great treasures.

October has Frankoma dishware in flame
and now Metlox in Rooster Red-red.
This coffee server in Metlox pottery is my first piece.
I have ordered a cream and sugar bowl to match.
I will be searching for more pieces.

I would love to share all my finds!
I need a show and tell spot.
I need a shopping blog!

The skies cleared and I went walking.
I was thinking about all the darling treasures I picked up.
I thought about the two hats I found,
both in orange and so cute.
I thought about how I would love to share them with you.
(Oh, I put the prettiest blue scarf on one of the hats.)

I thought about the outfits I would put together.
I forgot all about taking pictures.

I sat on the deck in the sunshine
with the mums and the Monarchs.
Snoopy II came over.

My life is full of birds and bugs.
My life is full of being creative.
Maybe it is time to create a new blog.
Maybe it is time to learn indoor photography.
Maybe we could walk and shop together!

I would like that very much.


marmee said...

glad you are on your way to having more energy and being able to enjoy walking.
how fun all the stuff you featured today so different and yet all has an element of joy. love the coffee server. love the wonderful bird with the same coloured beak as your coffee server. is that a cardinal?
love the monarch on the mums.
love the facat that snoopy came flying over to see you.
it looks and seems as if you had a great day.
i will be looking forward to your new blog or you adding in your stuff to this.

Mimi said...

You always have such great stories. I hope for the day I can enjoy and have some calm everyday.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
It seems as if every week I am a bit better. I have energy for walking and caring for the house and gardens and for being creative.
Shopping can be very fun too. I would love to figure out a way to do a show and tell. I took the camera shopping with me this week. I just did not like the way the pictures turned out. The lighting in the thrift stores is rather poor!
It is a female Cardinal in the photograph. She is my favorite bird. If I was to be a bird I would choose to be a female Cardinal. Often when I post a picture of her I am posting "Me".
Than you Marmee for walking with me.

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
Life is very busy for you right now. I am lucky to have my days open without commitments. One of these days you also will have the open time to play with birds and bugs and go walking.
I hope you take at least an hour every day for "you" time.
Thanks for sharing walking in beauty with me. It is a lovely world we live in.