Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkins and Buckeyes

There were so many different kinds of pumpkins to choose from.
I looked at them all.
Finally I decided on a pie pumpkin.
She can decorate my hearth until pie making day
in November.

My husband and I decided on one
warty pumpkin to be our Jack-o-lantern.

Not too big!

The farm had zinnias in bloom.
I am always happy to see a buckeye!


Grammy said...

Hi Sherry,
It look like we were at each others blog at the same time. Amazing we were thinking about each other at the same time. I am so honored by your words.
Than you.

Q said...

Dear Grammy,
You are welcome!
We are connected.
Love and light,

Cathy said...

Great Pumpkin, looking forward to seeing it's face.

marmee said...

i love these pictures so much:
the first one with the single pumpkin and the sunflowers, perfect.
the one of all the pumpkins, beautiful.
the single pumpkin waiting to be carved, intriguing.
the buckeye on the flower, amazing.
i have been so busy but i love taking a few minutes to see what you have been up to.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I am so grateful to be posting again. I missed it! I wanted to get my pumpkin pictures up on Sunday!
Thanks for your support and kind words.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
We will carve our Jack-o-lantern maybe Tuesday, the 29th. I always love carving night.
I will post too!

walk2write said...

I love those warty pumpkins. Can't wait to see the face you're going to carve. The buckeye picture is amazing. Thanks for posting it.

Q said...

Dear Walk2write,
I think my husband choose wisely!
We have never done one of these pumpkins as our Jack-o-lantern. We always choose the field pumpkins.
I think the warty will make a very cool and scary porch decoration for the 31st.
My husband took the buckeye picture. When we are out he has the telephoto lens and I the macro!
Often we will switch back and forth too...

TC said...

I love warty pumpkins. Will you get me one please? ;~)

(I've been meaning to ask: Why "Q?"
It reminds me of a very eclectic alien character on Star Trek: The Next Generation. And also the "Q" mystery of the New Testament, before and at the same time of Matthew.)

Q said...

Dear TC,
I remember "Q" from Star Trek!
My mother called me "Q" as her name of endearment. After she died I decided to sign all my creative work, "Q" in honour of her.
Now I am ready to be Sherry.
Thank you for interest. Thank you for walking with me.
Sherry and sometimes Q