Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remembering Little Ones

I walked in the cemetery this afternoon.
I walked in the children's garden.
I honored innocence.
I honored tenderness.
I honored life that came for one day.

The Little Kitten we found
did not make it through the night.

We tried to feed her.
We held her to keep her warm.
We cared.

The cemetery was filled with
Butterflies and Dragonflies.

I found a few seed pods to bring home and a feather.
I found some hope.
One day of life spent with two humans.
Little Kitten was very sweet.


Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about kitten, hope it wasn't last night.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Yes, the Little Kitten we found Monday night that was abandoned by her mother, died during the night last night.
She was very tiny. My husband and I tried to feed her with an eye dropper but I think she was already too weak.
Very cute and sweet.
Sad too, 24 hours with her was 24 hours of tenderness.
We tried.

marmee said...

oh sherry how sad indeed. i love the image of the angel in the cemetary. it looks innocent. i am sorry for your loss with the sweet little kitten.

Grammy said...

I'm so sorry, I have learned from trying, that they just were not meant to be here for long. But she was given love by you for a day. And was comforted by you. It is hard to let go of any life. Because they are all so precious. Big hug.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
It was sad. The Kitten was so tiny and weak when we found her that I was surprised she lasted as long as she did.
I am grateful I was able to hold the dear one even if it was for only a little while.
Knowing life,

Q said...

Dear Grammy,
Yes, all of life is precious.
This little one was very darling.
She touched our hearts. Thank you for your kind words.

walk2write said...

People like you who tend to the weak and helpless things in the world have no need for regret in this life. You did the best that you could.

Q said...

Dear Walk2write,
Thank you. We do the best we can most of the time. Sometimes I do think I could do a wee bit better.
Sometimes I get tired.