Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunch with a Maple Tree

I took my lunch to the park.

I sat under a Maple tree
and enjoyed her color.

The asters are in full bloom.
October has been sunny and warm.


Shellmo said...

Oh I would've loved to have sat under that maple tree - what beautiful surroundings you captured!

marmee said...

our october has gotten warm as well. the trees don't know how to react. i love your lunching spot. perfect.

Q said...

Dear Shellmo,
My friend had to cancel her lunch date with me. She had to work!
I decided to take my lunch out to the park. I enjoyed the different trees and after my bite to eat I walked the walking path. I also stopped at a garage sale. I have not done that in years.
Thank you for coming with.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I hope it cools down a wee bit!
I am planning on working in the gardens next week. I have lots and lots of weeding to do. I might be walking on my knees next week.
Thank you for your kind support.