Monday, October 13, 2008

A hike to the river

We drove a Missouri scenic byway.
Our destination was Lexington, Missouri.

We stopped along the way and watched the corn harvest.
We hiked along a trail to the mouth
of the Little Blue river.

The wild chicory was blooming.

A Red-spotted Purple was sunning.

We found the mouth of the Little Blue
and watched her flow into the Missouri River.
Damselflies and butterflies were active in the October sunshine.

We had a lovely lunch and a history lesson in Lexington.
I did a wee bit of shopping too.


marmee said...

ok sherry i read q's corner and now walking in beauty and you said shopping but i haven't seen nor heard what the spoils were? do tell! the chicory is so clear and i love the colour. the red-spotted purple stunning while sunning. so many of these creatures i have never experience in person. i love being able to see them thru your lens. thanks for sharing!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I have been thinking about doing a shopping blog! A show and tell on Corner would be fun. I used to do that. Corner has been taken over by birds and bugs!
I think it would be fun to share finds. Often I find a special piece that will remind me of the outing. I have a small house so I decorate each month so I can enjoy all the darlings I find.
Lots of motifs.
I also create things...crafty stuff, artsy things...
So many of the shops now have internet sites so readers could go to the site if they were interested in a piece. It would be nice to showcase some of the shop keepers too. Often they are imaginative and creative folk.
With the economic downturn maybe some of my frugal ways would be appriciated.
Thank you for your encouragement. Another blog? Maybe.
I could take some pictures of the items that come home with me.

marmee said...

yes sounds good i too like to go to flea markets, garage sells little known antique shops and have saved a ton of money that way. of dh would probably not see it that way. i just recently went to some craft shows and got a few goodies i might need to share as well.

walk2write said...

The colors are so vivid here that they belie the notion of confluence--where the rivers come together and silt sometimes muddies the union. Sorry! I just visited a site that posted about a wedding.

Sandra Evertson said...

Just Lovely!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
With your encouragement I decided to share a creation on Corner, hope you enjoy it.
I think Artful Living is a better blog for sharing my creations, LOL...Not too many people come to visit me there...Maybe once in awhile I will post a piece on Corner...when I first started blogging I did post about little treat baskets I put together for friends. I have been working on getting well so my energy has been used up finding natural path ways to wellness.
Years ago I shopped tag sales, yard sales, estate sales, flea markets for items for my antique business. I did rather well too.
Now I shop thrift stores for the little items I need. Once in a great while I will stop at a garage sale. I would love seeing your finds. I love the creative ways of people. Craft festivals and art fairs are great for finding very wonderful pieces.
I love the re-use and full use ways too. I get ideas for my house and gardens.
If I did a shopping blog I would choose a shopping day and do my posts on that day each week. Hummmm...I will see.
Thank you for you comments and your frienship.

Q said...

Dear Walktowrite,
I thought about the confluence of these two rivers and how clear the mouth was. I am very interested in the mouth of rivers right now, the source...
The Missouri is a huge river...usually muddy.
We know her as the Mighty Mo.
Sherry, who loves knowing source

Q said...

Dear Sandra,
Thank you.
I popped over to your journal and was entertained for an hour! I love your altered Fairy Tale,
creative and funny...
Nice to meet you.

pjb said...

Beautiful and entertaining reading

Q said...

Dear pjb,
Thank you!
I had a wonderful day. I enjoy day trips with my husband.
I love a bit of nature, lunch, history and shopping!
So much fun.