Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The Monarchs are still migrating.

I see them as I go about the city.

In my gardens they rest and nectar.

I watch them each day.

They like orange flowers.


Yolanda said...

Such lovely photos.Thanks for sharing them.

marmee said...

i would like to sit in your garden and watch these gorgeous creatures. your captures are amazing.

Q said...

Dear Yolanda,
Nice to meet you.
I am glad you enjoyed this photo essay. I love taking pictures of the birds and the bugs and the blooms. When all are at once it is very fun!
I did walk around the neighborhood but it was the Monarchs that I spent most the day with.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
We could sip limeaides and chat and you could meet my birds and bugs! It would be very fun.
I really like the picture of the Monarch coming in to land on the mum that is sitting on my potting up table. I had spent about an hour with this Monarch and when I went to go walking it followed me out to the driveway. I turned and saw him coming and snapped this one picture!
Sometimes I am lucky.
Thank you for being part of this Monarch day.

Terry said...

Your photos are beautiful as always! Our monarchs have been gone for a couple of weeks now and I miss them!

walk2write said...

It's funny how the critters, even insects, behave like they have little personalities, following us around sometimes and staring back like they want to understand us.

Q said...

Dear Terry,
Thank you.
I will miss the Monarchs too. I read in my journal last year I was still seeing a few the last of October.
I am seeing some migrating birds. So exciting. A Nashville Warbler was in the back bushes and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was in the woods near my house. I had seen it on the front maple the other day, there could be more than one about.
I love seeing the different birds.
I love looking forward tot he return of the butterflies.
Thank you for walking with me.

Q said...

Dear Walk2write,
I think the bugs get to know people. I have read about this. I have also experienced bees and certain butterflies coming to me when I come outside. I think they are curious. I have been eye to eye with lots of bugs and birds...
Thanks for walking near,