Monday, November 26, 2007

Down the street

The leaves were gathered in the street
when I walked this morning.
They danced around my legs as I walked through the piles.
They crunched!

Many of my neighbors have begun
decorating their houses for Christmas.
I like the pretty balls in one evergreen.
I shall walk tonight and see the lights.
I too have begun getting the house dressed for December merry making.
I am doing a stress free December.
I am enjoying the decorating.
I have plenty of time.
I still can walk everyday.
I still can have my bird time.


Cathy said...

Ah I saw one house decorated for Christmas on the way home. At work I took down the christmas decoration boxes and I can't wait to start doing the children's room. As for home, Friday I'll put up my little christmas tree.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you for walking with me today.
Seeing the decorations go up is fun. I do lighted wreaths on my house and on the outside lanterns.
Simple but very pretty.
Some people fill their yards with all sorts of things. I get tickled. The inflatables are huge!
One neighbor has two of them.
I bet your little tree is charming.
I do lots of trees indoors. I think I have at least 50. LOL!
Enjoy putting Christmas up. It can be a very fun Holiday.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

What a lovely Holiday walk this has been today. I adore the photos of the Christmas bulbs, and that present looks see through, is it? It's so pretty!

I love walking with you.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I saw you twinkling in the branches
of the pines.....
Watching the neighborhood get all fussied up is fun.
Last night my husband and I took a walk down the street to see the lights. A few of the neighbors have done up their houses and yards. It is pretty.
The packages are clear and have lights. I think there are three of them in my neighbor's yard. Pretty by day and by night.
All the yard things look really nice when it snows too.
We do lighted wreaths on the outside of our house. There are five of them. We have a lighting ceremony too. It is just the two of us but we enjoy the beauty of the season.
Soon it will be co-coa time!
Thank you for walking with me.
I see you!!!

smilnsigh said...

-happy sigh- Your writing is a tonic for any who still seem to have stress inhabiting them. -happy sigh-

Do you have a secret, of how you do this? Or of how you did it? I've read you say that you dropped stress, at a certain time, in the past.

Was it hard? Did it happen, as soon as you decided? Do you have secrets to pass on to us?

Please and thank you...


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
On August 26, 1994, I made the decision I was going to enjoy my life. Each day, regardless of the situation, I found at least one thing I could enjoy. Sometimes it was just a cloud or a sunset. In these last 13 years many sad times have come my way. Loved ones have died, children have had their struggles, I have had health challanges yet I find my one thing to enjoy. I hold tight to my enjoyment!
For Christmas that year I wrote a piece on what the perfect Christmas looked like. I was in my pjs all day with my husband and children near. I imagined having all the time I needed to open presents and have a quiet brunch at my table. I gave up obligatory parties. This was my Christmas and I wanted to enjoy it!
Since that Christmas many things have changed. Parents have died and children have moved. I still celebrate the season of light. I still fix co-coa and look at the family Christmas tree. I look at the old photos and I listen to the carols. I enjoy the month. As I do all the months.
Perhaps my secret to reducing stress is in claiming my life and my holiday. Stuff happens. It just does. How I respond makes all the difference. I honor myself. As is.
I can change if I want to, but I do not have to.
May you enjoy your Christmas, your season of light.
Thank you for walking with me. This is a good "Red Road" we walk when we walk in gratitude.