Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good Morning

It was chilly this morning.
I wrapped up in my blanket
and sat on the deck.
I would walk later.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw
a Buckeye Butterfly float in.

He did not stay very long.
I grabbed my shoes.
Maybe he was in the front yard.
It was 38 degrees out.
Too cold for butterflies.

After walking around the yard, I began walking down the street.
Some of the trees are still full of leaves.

Some were bare.
The sun was warm, the breeze light.
Warm enough for a butterfly.
Warm enough for a morning walk.


Sprite said...


Dear One,

It was a wee bit chilly, wasn't it?
So happy Buckeye stopped by for a hello and good morning.

The trees are still stunning, and look at that blue sky! Warming in the sun with a friend and cup of tea is what I love to do. Shall we?

Love you!


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
It was chilly!
I forgot it was chilly when I saw the Buckeye. Before I knew it I was down the street looking at trees and listening to the birds.
YES! Tea and you, bundled in our blankets, sounds very wonderful.
You are so kind to come with me everyday on my walk.
Thank you, dear friend, for you support!
Love you beyond the moon,