Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Pond

I walked up to sit near the little pond.
The trees are mostly bare.

The ducks were gone.
The water so still I could see my reflection.

I went looking for leaves.

A vine low to the ground still showed some color.
It warmed to 54 degrees.
I had hoped to see a butterfly.
Today was a quiet walk, no birds, no neighbors, no bugs.

It was just me, the trees and the sky.
I thought of you.
Thank you for walking with me.


Cathy said...

Your welcome! I was thinking of you when I working on a poem during lunch. Knowing you were looking for new ones. Didn't finish it, need a few more lines. They're out there somewhere probably giggling at me;)

However, I did post two other new ones at my blog tonight.


Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Oh good! I will pop right over.
I enjoy your poems. I bet those lines are out in the wind playing hide and seek!
I think of you too. While I was out on the banks of Little Pond I thought of all of my friends that are so kind to come to Walking In Beauty. Cathy, you are a joy! I am so happy we have become friends.

Sprite said...


Oh my, so much to be seen.

The sky's so beautiful the leaves so full of information. The color just gorgeous!

I am always with you.

Love you,

Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
Thank you for seeing the rune!
Mother Nature shows us the beauty if we take the time to look and to know.
I am always amazed at her subtle ways. She is my role model! She reminds me all the time I am cared for and I am loved.
Living the contemplative life is living in abundance even when the trees have lost their leaves.
Living the contemplative life is living in beauty.
Thank you for sharing this walk with me.
Thank you for sharing this contemplative life.