Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank you, thank you...

I went back to the little pond
at Cave Springs.
I took the telephoto lens.
I wanted to get some close up photos
of the Mallard Ducks.

I have never been impressed with this little pond.
It has always seemed very polluted.

Yesterday when I saw the Mallard Ducks
I fell in love with this little pond.

As I watched the ducks this morning I remembered Dr.Emoto.
I thought of how he cleanses water with two parts gratitude and one part love.
I began sending my gratitude to this little pond.
I began sending my love.
I can do this. I shall adopt this little pond.


Marie said...

Beautiful photos of the Mallard Ducks!

Q said...

Dear Marie,
Thank you. This little pond needs me! I saw so much trash littering the banks. Next time I go up I will pick up trash. I will sit with the pond and continue to be grateful it is so near my house and so near populated areas. Maybe with some tender loving care little pond can become a haven for all sorts of water fowl. I have seen a Great Blue Heron before at the pond.Yesterday I saw a couple of fish in the pond so that is a good sign.

Canary said...

lovely pictures! :)

Sprite said...


Dear Friend,

I am thrilled that you have adopted this little pond. I send my good wishes for healing of it too.

This is a very thoughtful walk. Thank you so much.



Q said...

Dear Canary,
How nice to meet you.
I saw the shout box on your journal and it is so cool!
Glad you enjoyed these photos. The little pond is a very sweet spot.

Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
If you would also send your gratitude and love to Little Pond she will heal much faster.
The Heron and waterfowl that come would also enjoy a clean environment.
I expect many walks to Little Pond. May we have many happy times gazing in her reflections.
We can love little pond together.
I love this. Little pond has friends.
Thank you,