Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two Walks

I walked around the yard
in my robe and slippers.
I wanted to feel the first frost.
I welcomed November.
I ate a wild violet.
It was refreshing.

The rabbit's home glittered.
At noon I walked again.
The Orange Sulphurs were awake.
The wild violets seemed untouched.

I will walk this evening.
Walking in November's light,
morning, noon and night.


Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

The violet is beautiful with it's frost. This is a Happy November walk today...

You even had butterflies at noon.

I adore the way the light changes in October and November, the way the sun moves across the horizon is very nice.

Many Blessings and Much Love,


Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
I want to be outside all the time!
I love the air and the light..
I love the birds and the bugs..
We will walk and talk and share the glories of November.
It is beautiful....
Many, many blessings...