Friday, November 9, 2007

In the cemetery

It was almost eleven am.
before I opened the cemetery gate.

I had lingered in my backyard
with the birds this morning.

It is sunny and the air feels warm.

An Orange Sulphur flew past me.

The grass is browning in the cemetery.
The leaves continue to amaze me.

I walked for an hour.
When November is warm and sunny I can walk for hours.


Sprite said...


A very lingering and quiet walk can cause one to ruminate about the changing seasons...

The Maple is still so beautifully alive with 'light' from within. I love this photo.

Thank you for sharing your walk. I'm so happy to be near.

Much love~

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I did linger. I love walking with the leaves.
The Maples are so bright. Each leaf a work of art.
I love walking with you each day. When I venture forth I know you are only a thought away.
Thank you dear friend,