Thursday, November 8, 2007


I waited to walk until

The trees are bright.
The air is warm.

The birds came with me.

The neighborhood is beautiful.

I want to be outside
every minute of daylight.
The birds and the colors fill my soul with joy.


Sprite said...


The walk looks to have taken place in two different realms. The blue sky and tree top - to the beautiful maple tree being one.

In between, it looks as if one steps into a rush of wintertime.

The colors are remarkable as well as the contrast, it speaks to me.

I'm so happy the birds love to come along with you. It's so lovely to be walking on such a beautiful day.


Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
One of my neighbor's trees has lost all its leaves. For some strange reason five different birds flew into it and began "talking" with me! I stopped and took photos. Mrs Cardinal stayed the longest. I did see a brown creeper too in this tree. I was amazed. It was like two different realms, the realm of today and of tomorrow's winter. Having all the birds join me was a feeling of hope. I wonder often how I will get through Winter. I am reassured the birds and your love will help me get to Spring.
We will keep walking.
Thank you for your hand to hold.