Friday, March 27, 2009


I seem to have caught a bit of a fever while on vacation.
Perhaps it was all the fun I had!

When I arrived home the birds were hungry

and all the daffodils were in bloom.

I had been away from the news for over a week.

I caught a weather report this morning, 100% chance for a wintry mix tonight and again tomorrow. Snow accumulations of 5-9 inches. Way too much snow for my daffodils.

All I can do is watch and wait and see. Maybe the snow will stay south. Maybe we will not have ice. I cut a bouquet of Daffodils for the kitchen table.

I am getting my photos processed from my trip. I am posting on Holiday.

Portland, Oregon was lots of fun. Lake Quinault was fantastic even though it rained the entire time we were there. Being in the temperate rain forest does mean lots and lots of rain!

Being with my daughter was the best!

I maybe under the weather a little bit but I wanted to spend a wee bit of time with the daffodils. I bundled up and took a stroll around the yard. I look forward to the drifts of daffodils every year.

The Hyacinth I forced last year are in bloom. The scent fills the backyard.

I shall plant the bulbs I forced this past winter once the weather calms down.

I am looking forward to getting back into my routine.

I need to walk!

Monday, March 16, 2009


The daffodils are beginning to bloom.

I act like a bee gathering pollen.

Soon the bees will return.

The Forsythia is in bloom.

The Redbud is budding.

The crocus are in full bloom.

I crawl down into the cups looking for bugs.

The rain last week filled the rain barrels.

I am leaving for Portland, Oregon.

I shall walk in the Pacific Northwest with my daughter!

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Foggy Morning

It was warm when I awoke, 60 degrees.
It was foggy.

I walked early before the temperatures dropped.
I walked in the fog.
It felt so good.

I miss my daily walk.

A flock of Robins were out.

We received 2 inches of rain over night and the ground is soft.

The periwinkle is blooming.

I picked up a fork that was laying on the street.
It will go into my basket for the found art project I am working on.

I am getting ready for March Madness.

I look forward to watching the college basketball games.

Daffodils are in bloom in my neighbor's yard.

These are already bent by the rains.

The crocuses are in bloom in my gardens.

An old man watches over the tree stump.

The temperatures are dropping.

Low tonight 19 degrees.

I have been busy doing my spring cleaning.

I am posting about the birds in my backyard

and my coming and goings on my main journal,

Q's Corner.

Come visit me there too!

I hope as Spring unfolds I will be walking more.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Around the Yard

I walked around the yard
this afternoon.
The 4 inches of snow we received Saturday
are starting to be drawn down by the trees.

Many birds are at the feeders and on the deck.

I am very fond of this pair of Northern Cardinals.
The temperature is to continue to warm up this week.
I have plans for a long walk in the woods when it does.
The birds have begun to sing at first light.
I am looking for the first signs of Spring.