Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool and misty morning

I also raised my face to the mist this morning.
I long for rain.
The bees came out.
I watched them in the morning glories.
Bee bottoms make me giggle.

I enjoyed the morning.
It was cool and misty for a few hours.
I recorded the tenth of an inch we received.
I am grateful for it.
 It is day 77 of the drought of 2012.
The deer left us a couple of sunflowers.
I feel like framing them!
The heat returns tomorrow but today it is cooler and we had a wee bit of mist.
 For a few hours we had relief.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 70

The drought in Kansas City continues.

Even the pokeberries are wilted.

The zucchini are struggling.

The lawn is gone.
Today's 103 degrees with 17% humidity tells the story
of summer 2012; hot and dry.

I am surprised by what is blooming.
Pleased the milkweed is still growing.

It will be food for the Monarch caterpillars come September.

The drought and the heat are taking their toll on my spirit.
I feed the birds and make sure all the water bowls are full.

When I was a little girl I was in a church choir.
We sang the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi.
It always gave me comfort.
While I watered this morning I found myself singing.