Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wave of sadness

While dusting the bedroom this morning a wave of sadness came over me.
I laid my dust cloth down.
I fixed a glass of water and sat on the couch.
I sat with the sadness.

There could be 1,001 reasons I felt sad. No apparent reason.
I did not need to know why. I just needed to honor the feeling.
After ten minutes of following my breath I put on my coat and went outside.

Somewhere someone is crying.
Somewhere someone feels sad.
I shared in the sadness for ten minutes.
I hope the sharing gave comfort.
Back to dusting.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everything I need

I had made an appointment for a health assessment last week
for 9:30 am this morning.
I did not know the weather was going to change.
I did not know we would drop
28 degrees in less than three hours.
I went for the appointment anyway.

In the last two years I have lost flexibility and strength. In the last two years I have added on pounds. I sat with my advisor and made a plan. I signed up for yoga classes and strength training. Each day at 10:30 am I have an hour of exercise of some sort.
At the end of February I will reassess. I will see how I am doing.
The weather was threatening. The blowing snow had not yet begun. I had time to get home before it began or I could stay for a class. It was my decision. I stayed for the class. I am glad I did.
Back home I brought out a new journal. A travel journal. My new adventure for 2008.
My travel to strength and flexibility. I will still walk when the weather permits. I will add activity as I am able.
My advisor suggested oatmeal for breakfast. Apparently my cup of yogurt is not enough. I am writing and making goals. I am planning my rewards. These are realistic goals and realistic plans. I can do this.
I have everything I need to be successful.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I awoke weary.
I was stiff and sore.
I did some morning stretches
hoping to wake the toes.

The temperatures rose during the night.
By noon we were at 28 degrees.
The south breeze feels cold.
No sun to warm my face.

The Cardinals come in pairs now.
They are bright and bring much joy.
I like being outside with them.
This morning it was just too cold even bundled up
and wrapped in my blankets to stay out very long.
I am weary of the cold.

Many Starlings have found the feeders.
I have made my peace with them.
I know Mother Nature does not have favorites.
Watching Starlings is not fun.
I am weary of the Starlings.
They look like Hawk food to me.

I did not go walking this morning.
I turned on some music.
I put a pot of soup on.

I just feel weary today.
I shall honor my weary.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

On a mission

When the temperatures warmed to 14 degrees
I went walking.

Against the blue sky the trees in the cemetery show each twig.

Only the geese were out in the cold.

I stopped for a few minutes and watched them.
I had come to the cemetery
for a reason.
I wanted to check the cedar berries.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Compassion and Hope

After yoga class I came on home. I liked the class, good stretching and breathing.
We ended our class by taking a few minutes to think about someone we love.
I thought of my husband and his kindness.
I thought of my daughter and her compassion.
I thought of my son and how much he has taught me.
I thought of my lifetime friend and how encouraging she is.
I visualized each of their faces.
I thanked each of them in my mind.
I thanked myself for making the effort to come to class.
Knowing love is part of wellness.
Being grateful is part of joy.

The sun was shining and the temperature began to rise.
The ice and snow was melting.
I went for a walk to check on little pond and to think.
I am grateful for the little pond and I do love her.
The Mallards were swimming on a small bit of open water.

I was greeted by the Robins.
I was given hope.
I had read a note from my friend before I went walking.
One of her friends had died.
Another friend's son had been killed in an car accident.
She felt very sad. My friend is grieving.
I understand grief.
I understand the pain of losing a loved one.
I can offer compassion.

Life is fragile. Be full of care.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crisp Morning

When Cooper's Hawk came into the gardens
I knew it would be awhile before the birds
would be back.
From the sound of the chripping I think
he was successful getting

I was all ready bundled up so I went for
a crisp morning walk.

I started to walk to the woods
but the ice on the sidewalk halted me.

Perhaps tomorrow after yoga
I can check on little pond.

In the American Indian tradition, wolf is teacher.
I watched the Full Wolf Moon set this morning.
As the day grew lighter the moon dropped below the horizon.
Dawn is an in between time.
My morning reading was about wolf the teacher.
I am open to learn.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold breeze

It is cold.
It is grey.
The breeze from the southeast makes my eyes water.
I was not going to walk today.
Too cold.
Too grey.

I remembered my commitment to walking.
I bundled up.
Five minutes of walking was better than no minutes.

A Red Tailed Hawk flew over my house when I stepped out onto the front sidewalk.
I followed the Hawk down the street and back again.
Thank you Hawk.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


It was zero degrees when I went out
to feed the birds this morning.

The sun was bright.

The birds were puffed up and staying warm.

They could feel the wind chill.

Too cold for me to stay out for very long.
Mockingbird understood.
I signed up for yoga classes.
Twice a week for three months.
I need to stretch and move
even when it is zero degrees.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walking in glitter

Overnight we received a couple inches of snow.
It was bitterly cold when I went to feed the birds,
12 degrees.
I sat on the deck with a cup of hot tea.

A slight breeze came up.
The air filled with glittering snow.
I left the deck and began to walk down my street.

I wanted to be in the glitter.
I wanted to be in the lights.

An animal track on my driveway
reminded me of the butterflies.

Everywhere I looked I saw fairy lights.
I forgot to be cold.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the rain

The morning drizzle stopped.
This was my time to walk.
Snow is in the forecast for this afternoon
and this evening.

A gray and wet cold day.

I kept looking up.

My neighbor's trees are filled with squirrel nests.

It started to rain before I could get back home.
I need rain gear for my camera.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Afternoon in the cemetery

This morning when I went outside
to feed the birds it was 14 degrees.
I decided to wait to walk until the heat of the day.
By mid afternoon it was clear and sunny.

The moon was all I could see
in the afternoon sky.

I walked in the cemetery.
It was very quiet.
The Geese were resting .

I walked for half an hour.
A Red Tailed Hawk flew over my head.
No wonder I did not hear any birds.

Snow is in our forecast for tomorrow.
I have made a commitment to walk each day
when the weather allows.
Thank you for walking with me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Afternoon walk

While the washing machine and dryer
did the laundry I went for a walk.
Mockingbird came with.
I had brought along a litter bag.

The bamboo on the west side of my backyard
stays green all winter.
I will cut a few stems for my vases.

I spotted a walnut wedged in the fork of a
volunteer Rose of Sharon in my neighbor's yard.

The afternoon sky was crystal blue.
The temperature below freezing.
The sun was warm on my face
and the north wind cold.

I feel refreshed.
Happy to be walking again.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek flows by my husband's office.

In recent years the city has developed
a walking and bicycle path along side of it.
This afternoon my husband and I
walked on this path.

A fellow walker told us of all the different wildlife
that call Turkey Creek home.

He had spotted a bobcat, coyotes and foxes
in the early mornings.
My husband has seen a Kingfisher many times.

We watched the Mallards today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Saying farewell

My son and I walked up to the little pond.
He wanted to say farewell.
It will be a few months before he will return.

There is still ice on the pond.

In the woods, Autumn's leaves
still hold some color.

My daytime walk will be with my camera.
My chatting will be with the birds,
the trees and the clouds.
He will be in my heart.