Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The shadow of the Oak tree reached across the front yard.

The gourds on the potting up table reached back to summer.

I reached into a myth.

The shadow fed my soul.

I reached towards Spring.

I reach to music for inspiration.

I reach into the eyes of nature

for guidance.

I reached into the interior of the bushes.

Inbetween the branches I reached.
I found her sitting.
I found rest and ease.

My friends have reached out to me.

They have sent healing crystals
and rattles.

I am reaching into different realms.

Healing happens when we are willing to live
 in the mind of the divine.

Healing happens when we are
open to the magic.

Healing happens when we care for our souls
and the souls of those we love.

I have been having wonderful conversations.
My soul has been reaching out and has been touched.

Deb, from Posted From Home,
has "reach" as our word for the week.
Thank you Deb.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everyday activities

Being mindful in our every day activities
brings joy.

I am aware and grateful.

There are many pairs of Northern Cardinals in the backyard.

Their activity brings grace into the gardens.
They are in the moment.

Doing the laundry, washing the dishes, making the bed and fixing our meals are the everyday activities that help me connect to the phenomena of life.
Each act can be a sacred act. It is my mindfulness that brings the joy.
I smile.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am a keeper of treasures.

I share.

Judy has chemo tomorrow.
I put together a little bag of treats for her.

My dear friend, Cheryl, sent a birthday box for me.
In it was the book "In Beauty May I Walk."
I am bringing it tomorrow to read to Judy.
The Angel pin is for her coat.

The card Cheryl sent is on my treasure map.
Cheryl sent her healing energy.
She sent her love.

I am on a Spiritpath.
I am working with my Archetypes.

We are laughing!

We are praying.

We are honoring each other.

We are healing.

We are taking the time to smile.

We are finding ways to sing our sacred songs.

                                                               Deb has choosen, "sentiment"
                                                                      for our word this week.

My favorite sentiment today comes from Thich Nhat Hanh.
When greeting someone, " A lotus for you, a Buddha to be."

Monday, January 18, 2010


We went to the Nelson Art Gallery.

Our gallery is world reknown for it's Chinese Art collection.

Many times it was mentioned in this gogreous book.

                                           I am studying the Asian way in January.

                                                           I went looking for Kuan Yin.

My porceline statues are not as exquisite as those at the gallery but I love mine.

I am looking for the Goddess.

I was raised with Mary, Mother of God.
I know her.

  In my book "Sacred Symbols"
Mary is known by many names.

She is human and becomes divine like the Bodhisattvas
in Buddhism.

I was raised with these myths.

I did not know about Lady Day.
I am adding March 25th to my March special days.
I will do some research and see how this day is celebrated.
Perhaps there are Lady Day cakes.
I wrote about this in my journal.
For now my Goddess is Mary and
Quan Yin.
I love them both.

I finished reading
"Traveling with Pomegrantes."
Sue Kidd is searching for the Goddess too.

I found a book at the used bookstore.
It spoke to me.

I did not know my lists were correspondences.

I have been creating my own for years.
Now I am creating a correspondance for my Archetypes.

I will add to my lists as I learn about each Archetype.

I have stamps of the symbols of the zodiac.

I will learn what these symbols mean.
I think they are old correspondences.

I want to learn how to draw Mandalas.
I know these as the Flower of Life.
I do not know the history.

At the Gallery I saw fantastic ancient artifacts
of the Chinese Scholar.

I do not know the face of my
I am searching.

I saw this magnificent Scholar's writing desk

and this Scholar's box.

I can just imagine what once was in it.
I shall gather my pens and ink into a lovely box.
I would love to make ink like the ancients did.
I read how they took soot and water from their rice cooking and pine sap
mixed together and made a paste.
They would mold the paste into cakes or sticks.

I have been reading about the symbols in ancient China.

I have a few stamps and chops.

When I was very young my Grandmother sent me a picture of St. Ann.
She is the Mother of Mary.
She is my patroness.

I am gathering my icons.
I am seeing the face of the Goddess.
Sometimes she has a lotus blossom
and sometimes she has a halo of stars
and a crescent moon.

I wrote in my Goddess correspondence
Athena is associated with the bee.
I wonder if Mary like the bee?