Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pond watch

We watched a female Common Green Darner
lay eggs.
The Green Darners are one of the dragonflies our study group is tracking.

We watched Spreadwings.
They are hard to ID.
 I think this one is an Aurora Damsel.

My beginner's guide to Dragonflies states," At least 35 species of bluets are known from North America, presenting the novice with a bewildering identification challenge." I am a novice.
 I think this is a female Familiar Bluet.

Common Whitetail Dragonflies
were flying and laying eggs.

The pond was busy today with Bull frogs and turtles.

I am recording the butterflies we see during
our pond watch.
Always delightful to see the Variegated Fritillary.

Lots of Painted Ladies

and Orange Sulphurs today.

This Duskywing is to tattered for me to id.
He was patrolling his territory.

The American Snouts are early this year.
They migrate from northern Texas.

I saw a few Prairie Blue-eyed Grass in bloom.

Pond Watch is very fun.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pond Watch

We began our Pond Watch yesterday.

We watched male and female
 Common White Tail Dragonflies.

We watched Dainty Sulphur.

We have joined the Xerces Society project
"Pond Watch".
On Tuesdays we will watch the pond at Cave Springs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Roller coaster temperatures

Temperatures are to drop into the mid thirties tonight.
Spring has slowed down a wee bit.
The butterflies will need to take cover tonight.

I harvested chamomile this afternoon.

I will harvest more as it comes into bloom.

This is a photograph of the Butterfly Nebula NGC 6302
from the Hubble telescope.
We live in a beautiful universe.

I am passionate for nature.

I am passionate about learning.

We live in an interesting world.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday

The Dogwoods are in full bloom.
A cold front has moved in.
Spring has slowed a wee bit.
I bought two pink Lilies for Easter.
I will plant them in the fig garden in May.

I have thinking about family.
I have been thinking about my parents and grandparents.
I miss them.
We have been planting.

I did up a couple of salad bowls.

The Sweet Peas have sprouted.

Thank goodness for the cool down.
Thank goodness for April showers.