Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian sixteenth century painter,
conveys the idea of we are what we eat.

                              I am careful to eat organic balanced meals, yet, I still have digestion troubles. It is as if one of my humors is out of balance. I wonder why. It seems to have come upon me all of a sudden.
                                               I ask the question, "How can I get back in balance."

                         Perhaps I was having trouble digesting because of all the troubles in the world.
                                             Perhaps my trouble is a thinking disorder.

                                      Perhaps my thyroid gland is depleated after a long cold winter,
                                                                         or from stress.

I have read how enviromental stress can affect digestion.

I have questions so I seek answers.

I am learning about the body.
I am learning about the endocrine system.
I drink my ginger lemon tea.
I read.

I am learning about salt.
I asked the question, "How is sea salt harvested?"

When I read I keep a readers journal near by.
I always have questions.
I want to know about so many different topics.

I want to know about the insect, cochineal.
It is still used for a natural red dye.

I am working with my archetypes.
I have questions about them.

has chosen question for this week's word.
I have many, many questions.

I am having fun learning a few answers.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Deep inside the shelter of the bud
the bloom of Spring waits.

It is sunny today.
I needed the shelter of my cap and sunglasses
when I sat on the deck.

The north breeze was cold but I sat on the south south side of the house.
I sat under the soffit that shelters me from rain.
The sun warms me on these end of winter days.

The Eastern Comma and the Question Mark
use the wood pile for shelter in the winter.
The female Cardinal finds shelter in the bushes.

The snow lays on the ground in sheltered areas of the garden.

This week Deb, from Posted From Home,
 has choosen "shelter" as our word.

Snow is in my forecast for tomorrow.
I will be seeking shelter!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mocking Bird fluffs his feathers
to protect him from the cold.

Chick-a-dee hides in the bushes for protection.

The little Tufted Titmouse stays in the trees until he sees no danger.
He is protected as long as he stays alert.

The male Northern Cardinal keeps an eye on his mate.
He is always near for her protection.

I am just learning about the Dragons.

The Dragons are protectors.

They love all the creatures I love.

They are the guardians of the Hummingbirds.

I shall protect the Dragons!

Thank you Deb, for our Wednesday Word,

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is too cold to be outside.
It is too wet.

I played in the dirt downstairs in my basement.

I started my Winter Sowing.

I gathered my seeds and containers.

Some of the seeds need to soak.

I will sow these tomorrow.

I know I am feeling better.
It has been two years since I did Winter Sowing.
It was fun to play in the dirt.

An old deck of playing cards was laying on my desk.

I needed a book mark so I glued a couple
playing cards together.

Creating and playing are the same for me.
I have so much fun when I am making something.

I am planning a play day.

It is just the two of us now.
We play very well together.
I am playing with my crayons.
Playing with color.

My marigold seeds are in the Bunny Box.
I am playing with seeds.
Thank you Deb for this week's word, "Play."
I am having fun.