Thursday, September 23, 2010


We welcome Libra today.

I celebrate the archetype,
 Mother Nature, in the sign
of Libra.
                                   I celebrate balance.

When the winds of change blow, if I am in balance,
 I will be like a wind sculpture, I will dance.

Mama Mita has taught me 

one person can make a difference.

We planted a tree with our friends.
It is a gift from them.
Two kindred spirits.
They have made a difference in our lives.

Our tree will be cared for.

Our tree will remind us of our friends.

Autumn has arrived.

The seasons have changed.

We celebrate harvest.

We look for signs.

We follow ancient traditions.

The Full Harvest Moon
rose last night.

The sun was setting in the west as she rose in the east,
360 degrees of amazement and awe.
I love the phases of the Moon.

The Hummingbirds will leave any day.

Some butterflies will
over winter as larva.

Swarms of midges

provide food for the
late season Dragonflies.

The wind has shifted to the north.
It is time for Libra.