Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In silence

I walk in awe.
I walk in the light.
I walk in color.
My trees
call to me.
I am silent
as I listen
to their whispers.
They tell me their secrets.
I am awed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frost Warnings

A Black Swallowtail emerged from her chrysalis
 early this morning.
I had my breakfast with her.

A Fresh Breeze blew all day out of the Northwest.

I sat for a little while outside this afternoon
 with the birds.

Once again many Northern Cardinals
are coming to the feeders.

We should have a fine flock this winter.

I saw a Junco on the deck.
They are the harbinger of frost.
We picked the last of the tomatoes.

The Maples are at peak color.

I watched as Black Swallowtail found sun indoors.
The temperature outside only warmed to 50 degrees.
 Too cold for her to fly.
She will need to stay inside until it warms up.
I brought in some Cosmos for her.

Scattered frost is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow night.
We turned on the furnance.
Autumn is in full swing.
 I love sharing my warm house with a butterfly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

End of the Season

Each time I see a butterfly I know it could be the last time
for this season.

Any day now the north wind will bring colder temperatures.

The growing season is almost over.

The cosmos have bloomed from June through October.

They are a reliable food source
for butterflies and bees.

I grow Chrysanthemums for Autumn color.
I cut long stems for the house.
I grow them for me.
I will dry some blooms for winter teas.

The leaves are turning.
I watched as a southern breeze danced many to the ground.

I did my morning meditation with a white rose.

She drew me in.
I felt like a butterfly seeking nectar.

The Monarchs are migrating.
The season of the butterflies is drawing
to a close.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living in color

October is in her fancy dress.

Her colors astound me.
Her relationships
enchant me.
From sunrise to sunset
I am awed by October's colors
I am in love with October.
The Goldenrod continues to provide.
Black Pansies are for me.
A fancy flower for my baskets.

White mums are also for me
but I see the Ghost Spider also likes them.

I am in relationship with the bugs and the birds. They know me.
Red Bellied was able to get my attention this morning.
A cat was under his nut feeder!
The female Cardinals are the dearest of friends.
We have breakfast together most mornings.
The Robins are no longer afraid of me.
It is October.
I am living in vivid color.
I am living in grace.