Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I welcomed in Sagittarius
this morning.

I am learning about this archer
and the characteristics of this sign.
They correspond with the archetypical
I am so pleased.
I am learning the Cowgirl Way.

I am calling upon my inner Cowgirl
to teach me how to have fun even when the going gets tough.
To show me the way of pleasure in my healing.

I have always identified with
the Prairie Woman.

It is not that I will give up my bonnets.

It is that I am ready to kick up my heels.

I want to have fun.

I want to find the joy in every moment.

My hedonist is calling out.

I am responding to the call.

I am looking for fun.

If I play my cards
just so
I hope to
learn leather crafting.

I have a few projects in mind.

I need a cowgirl outfit.

While I walk these end of Autumn days

I will be thinking about

the last roses of the season

and how Annie Oakley

became the archetypical

Her story inspires me

to be the best I can be.
With steadfastness and faithfulness

I shall keep on keeping on.