Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiger Swallowtails

I was packing up the June decorations when I looked out the back door.
As if in a dream I saw her.

The Female Tiger Swallowtail in her black form is elegant.

She is gorgeous. If I was to be a butterfly I would want to be her.
I love her tiger stripes, subtle yet apparent.
Her all black body is so pretty.
She is my first Black Tiger of the season.

While I was photographing Miss Black in came a female Yellow Tiger.
I could tell by the row of irredecent blue markings on her upper wings.

Black flew and opened her wings.
I looked about and here was a male!

No blue on his upper wings.
He is a gorgeous mate.

An older Tiger came to the Bee Balm.
 It is just begining to bloom.
I turned to go back into the house and saw a Monarch land in the back butterfly bush.
It needs to be deadheaded so it will bloom again.
I have another butterfly bush near the deck that is just beginning to bloom.

July is almost upon us.
Temperatures are to soar.
I will not mind as long as there are Tigers in the gardens.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

We walked twice today.
Once in the morning to greet the day and again in the evening.

A Ground Hog is living under our deck.
I am some what concerned.

The figs are growing.
I hope he leaves them alone.

We had a mix of sun and clouds today.
I send my prayers to those who are suffering from the floods of the Missouri and Missippissi Rivers.
We have had too much rain this spring.
Perhaps the summer will be drier.

Fossils continue to find places of honor in our home.
Our son gave this gorgeous one to his Dad a few years ago.
It is now on the mantel.

Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate in the time
of Cancer the Crab.
Cancer is my moon sign.

My archetype in Cancer is my warrior, my sabatuer.
I travel the path of the Hero.
I live the way of the non-violent warrior. 
My sabatuer helps me stay peaceful. 

I celebrate the sun today.
I celebrate the summer sky.
Bright orange lilies grace the back yard.

We shall try to catch our Ground Hog friend.
He seems to like the bird seed I put out.

We will try to relocate him to a safer habitat.
Happy Summer Solstice.