Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye August

I walked about the yard.
I said my goodbye to August.

The mums along the back walk are budding.

The pot of mums on the porch
are beginning to bloom.

The Dogwoods are begining to blush.

A Red Spotted Purple came looking for rotting fruit.
A Tawny Emperor dried her wings.

Skipper seem to enjoy each other's company.

This female Cloudless Sulphur

seemed to be looking for a host plant to lay her eggs.

Lady Beetles are keeping the Goldenrod clear of aphids.

Goodbye August.

Hello September.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the cusp of Autumn

We are on the cusp of Autumn.

The Crab Apples are ripening.

The leaves in the Fire bush are beginning to turn.

The Rose of Sharon are in bloom.

The Red Admiral butterflies are in their second brood.

My neighbor's bushes are full of orange berries.

Their Walnut trees are full of nuts.

Red Spotted Purple butterflies are basking.

The Bronze Fennel is in bloom.

Tiger Swallowtails nectar in the Zinnias.

It looks to be an early Autumn this year.

It is just beginning.

Today is the New Sunflower Moon.

By next New Moon it will be Autumn.